005 - Sir Duke

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About the song

"Sir Duke" was originally written and recorded by Stevie Wonder. This version was arranged by Lew Davison.

Instrumentation requirements

A balanced band of any size will probably work, but this is a song that needs have been practiced - not a lot of people will be able to sight read it well.


The repeat from A to E is cut out, as it makes the song a better length to be played by a pep band (a little less than 2 minutes as opposed to a little less than 3). It should be noted that the entire band minus percussion is in unison in section D. The D.S. goes back to section D, with the fine being on the 'a' of 3 (3 e + a) before E.


This song was played for the first time in recent memory at the 2008 TSBMH concert.

Live from TSBMH 2008
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1. Hey Pachuco! 2. Sir Duke 3. Spirit in the Sky