Live from TSBMH 2008

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The band in TSBMH for the 2008 concert

This recording is of the band's performance at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall as a part of the RMA concert on April 26, 2008. You can listen to recordings here.

Performers Heard on the Recording

Steve Malinski
Piccolo Alto sax Trumpet Euphonium
Leah Glover Glenn Duffy Tim Fill Mike Faryniarz
Julie Solomon Steve Poplawski Kevin Kelly Sousaphone
Flute Dan Souza Gary Russinko Chris Behrens
Zarin Mirza Tenor Sax Brian Williams Dan Schwarting
Marianne Monastero Kevin Schildhorn Trombone Percussion
Natalie Semczuk Mellophone Duane Baker Mike Franke
Oboe Bonnie Domigan Drew Hoyt Max Katz
Amanda Santos Dan Garr Curtis Sheu Will Schmarder
Chris Shing

Track List

1. Hey Pachuco!
2. Sir Duke
3. Spirit in the Sky
4. Proud Mary
5. Are You Gonna Be My Girl
6. Alma Mater
7. Hogan's Heroes March


  • In the program for this concert, the information for performers and songs is fabricated by RMA Publicity Coordinator Jenny Blanchard. Since the band was busy (as always) this spring with a number of events and the officer changeovers, an arbitrary deadline was missed for the band to send in a set list and performers for the concert. This led to the fabrication of the band's information in lieu of a message of "information for this group was unavailable at the time of printing." Needless to say, this was an extremely unprofessional act. At that point the band hadn't even had a rehearsal for the concert let alone figured everything out for it. The roster is composed of songs from the active setlist playing the different instruments of a kazoo choir, with a set list of made-up songs. A new version of the program was printed with the correct information.

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