055 - The Brighter Side of Christmas

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About the song

Arranged by Len Goldstyne.

Instrumentation requirements

Sleigh bells would be nice if we ever get them. Otherwise this can be played with nearly any instrumentation.


The piece starts with a straight march feel. At section B, the feel changes to swing, and stays that way until the D.S., when it switches back to straight. Also, section C is generally taken second time only. The D.S. goes back to measure 5.


This is a medley of Christmas music. The intro and outro are meant to sound like bells ringing. Songs included in the medley are "We Wish You A Merry Christmas", "Frosty the Snowman", and "Jingle Bell Rock". Many band members don't really like playing this song, as it doesn't have any particularly interesting parts, but despite this it never finds its way out of the active set. The song is usually only played once or twice per year, around the holiday season. However, it is frequently requested by members as a joke. It has also been used recently as a veto, for when the band is extremely dissatisfied with a conductor's choice of songs (or lack thereof).

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