084 - The Stripper

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About this song

Written by David Rose.
Arranged by John Warrington.


Vamp from A to the first ending as necessary.


Yeah... It's a dance, of sorts...


A long-standing tradition of the band... This song is played exactly once per year, at the Big Red Freakout!. The band will start playing the song, while one or more strippers will "dance" for the crowd (and the band) at the front of the stage. The song will vamp for as long as necessary.

The new podium was designed with an internal support structure to accomodate holding up a stripper pole. For Freakout 2008, a 1½-inch, 10-foot tall section of steel electrical conduit was purchased and used.

The song is played as a reference to a scene in the 1977 movie Slap Shot, where Michael Ontkean's character starts stripping on the ice, and a marching band that was in attendance starts playing The Stripper.

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