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About this song

"Gimme Some Lovin'" was written by Steve Winwood, Spencer Davis, and Muff Winwood. It was originally recorded by The Spencer Davis Group in 1966 and covered by The Blues Brothers in 1980. This version was arranged by Paul Lavender.

Instrumentation requirements

At least one sousaphone is necessary for this song; not so much for the bass line, but for the dance that goes along with it.


The D.S. is taken back to measure 11 instead of as written. The "To Coda" is as written.

If able, the trumpets take from the D.S. to the coda up an octave.


The sousaphone players will spin for the most of the song, trying to complete one complete rotation per measure (always starting left). The only measures they have off are the four measures from 23-26, and even then they swinging their instrument left then right every two beats. Because of the risks associated with spinning while wearing a sousaphone, room is typically made at the front of the stage both to showcase the sousaphone players and to spread them out. To date, there have been no injuries to sousaphones or sousaphone players as a result of playing this song.

There are two other dances to this song, one for the front row and one for the second row. The front row (flutes, clarinets, oboes, etc.) does a kick line (always staring kicking left with the right leg) from measure 11 to 23. The second row (saxes and mellos) swings their instruments every two beats from measure 11 to 23 (always starting left).

The dances are loosely based off of a scene from the 1980 film The Blues Brothers.


This song traditionally is used to initiate new sousaphone players into the band.

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