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Senior Manager: Harvey Cohen
Assistant Manager: Jim (a.k.a. "Rowdy", a.k.a. "Sparky") Koch
Freakout opponent: UNH (won 6-5(ot))
Gift: ???

Road Trips

  • Clarkson/St. Lawrence: Beforehand, the Clarkson Athletic Department attempted to forbid the Pep Band from attending the Clarkson game until Harve called up the Clarkson President's office and received permission. This was the first time in 28 years that RPI beat both Clarkson and St. Lawrence on a North Trip. On the way to the North Trip, the Pep Band played a concert at an Albany-area special education school, after the Institute received an invitation specifically asking for "that great band that plays at RPI hockey games".




  • Men's ECAC Playoffs: Quarterfinals @ Cornell: RPI lost.


  • The Pep Band entered the GM Week Chariot Race.
  • Starting this year and lasting until '81-'82, members of the Pep Band (along with a few others) had an intramural hockey team named the "Kraft Miracle Whimps" (after goalie Russ Kraft, Class of '76, euphonium) which played in D-league until the '80-'81 and '81-'82 seasons where they moved up to C- league and a "farm team" named the "Adirondack Red Whimps" was formed in D-league. In '80-'81, the Miracle Whimps finished 17th out of 17 teams in C-league and the Red Whimps finished 24th out of 27 teams in D-league. In '81-'82, the Red Whimps improved enough to make the playoffs.

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