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About this cheer

This cheer is a transcription of 001 - Looney Tunes Charges and Cheers, made by Steve Mulick.

Instrumentation requirements

Trumpets, flutes, clarinets, and alto sax carry the melody, with the flutes, clarinets and alto sax filling in held notes in the melody with eighth note runs. The rest of the parts compose the bass line for the tune.


This cheer was added to the cheer sheets in January 2007, when the cheer sheets were rewritten to add songs and make the print more legible. The alto sax part in the old music mirrored the bass line parts, but in order to beef up the melody, became a copy of the trumpet 1 and flute parts.

After noticing the tendency of other pep bands to play small phrases of their fight song during their team's introductions, Dan came up with the idea to play this tune in two measure bits during home games for the away team intros, amid yells of "YOU SUCK!!". This cheer falls two measures short of fitting perfectly with the intros, but this could be overlooked. Unfortunately, Dan came up with this idea after he would get the chance to conduct it. This idea has yet to be tested at an actual game.

Looney Tunes was removed from the cheer sheets in 2014.