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Conductor: Jonathan Bergman
Managers: Kyle Padden, Greg Herman
Freakout opponent: Yale
Gift: RPI SEFCU Blanket

Road Trips

November 1, 2014: Men's Hockey @ Union

Daytrip to Union (Won 2-1 (ot)). The team swept Union for the weekend, earning the Capital Skates Trophy.

January 23, 2015: Women's Hockey @ Union

Daytrip to Union (Tied 2-2 (ot)).

January 24, 2015: Men's Hockey Mayor's Cup @ Times Union Center

Day trip to Times Union Center. The men's team lost to Union with a score of 3-8.

January 30-31, 2015: Women's Hockey @ Colgate & Cornell

Overnight trip to Colgate (Lost 2-4) and Cornell (Lost 1-7). During this trip, the entire band ate at a Friendly's, essentially taking over the small restaurant. John Bergman ordered ice cream off the kid's menu, and failed to complete a maze on the menu with his crayons. This event was the inspiration for his line in the Toll Booth Song.

February 6-7, 2015: Men's Hockey @ Saint Lawrence & Clarkson

Overnight trip to SLU (Lost 1-3) and Clarkson (Lost 2-5). At SLU on Feb. 6th, the RPI pep band was harassed by a SLU student with a large bass drum. Sassy responses by Emily Bujnowski lead to her being dubbed the 'RPI Bitch' via yik yak. The Clarkson Pep band joined the RPI pep band for lunch at a Chinese Buffet. The Clarskon band also chanted 'Damn that's hot' upon the playing of Mexican Cheer by Devin Glenn. During the first period, Luke Curadi and Nic Pierog broke through a pannel of glass, just in front of Mrs. Curadi.

March 7th, 2015: Men's Hockey @ Clarkson

Daytrip to Clarkson (Lost 0-5). During the second intermission, the RPI Pep Band and the Clarkson Pep Band joined forces to 'super band'. Gospel John and Crazy Train were played. The announcer also mentioned the RPI Pep Band after playing.

Regular Season


Men's Hockey

Women's Hockey



  • ECAC North Atlantic Bowl vs. Framingham St.: Lost 36-42 (OT).

Men's Hockey

  • ECAC First Round vs. Clarkson:
    • Game 1: Won 3-2
    • Game 2: Lost 0-5
    • Game 3: Won 3-1
  • ECAC Quarterfinals vs. St. Lawrence University
    • Game 1: Lost 0-1
    • Game 2: Lost 1-5

Women's Hockey


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