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This page is for memorable quotes from the 2008-2009 season. See here for rules on editing this page.

General Quotes

"Yeah, that's where they got the saying like lightning off a goose's back." -Drew, at Grafton Lake during SOs

"You take a left, then a right, then a right, then a left..." -Yuri, trying to give Will directions to his apartment

"I can be your beard." -Drew to Leah

"Ananomy" -Franke attempting to say 'anatomy'

"Jeff Jones everybody!" -The Band

"Tap-tap Vibraslap!" -Jeff Jones

"Is the game 'Eat Whipped Topping'?" -Gary Russinko at Pep Band Thanksgiving

"You're the best band that I've heard." -Dartmouth women's hockey coach Mark Hudak to the band while cheering on the team after the ECAC Championship game

"How many pizzas can we get for $40?" - Curtis Sheu

Manager Quotes

"And remember: if you die in Canada, you die in real life." -Bonnie, in an email to the band about the trip to Canada

Conductor Quotes

  • "It's Rensselicious!" - Malinski

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