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I'm Stephen Mulick '07, trumpet player and ex-ass(t). conductor of the pep band.
You can get a hold of me at:
AIM/Skype: megabrain51

To do

  • Fill out wiki pages for songs I have info for (eventually)
  • Feel free to help.
  • Arranging: both .sib (Sibelius 5, because vista sucks) and .mid files found below
  • Little of Your Time - it's off of Maroon 5's new cd, and it's actually an uptempo song .mid .sib (ver. 5)
  • Fat Bottomed Girls (again) - After actually playing this one through with a band, I've realized that this song has to be altered. Writing the song in the key of F wasn't a bad idea; making the trumpet 1 part start on an F#, however, was. Things always sound like they'll work when it's a midi. As of now, I've taken everything down a whole step (key of Eb), and I think it still sounds fine while making all of the parts a little more band friendly. Let me know what you think, and I'll ask for the forgiveness of the managers for using up their copy budget.
449 as printed - concert F Transposition - concert Eb
Opens with Sibelius 4 or later Opens with Sibelius 5
  • Smash Mouth - "Walking on the Sun"
  • Wakka wakka wakka - inquire within

Favorite songs

Least favorite songs

Songs I'd like to read