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Conductor: Jim Ungar
Managers: Karl Brophey, Dan Jacobs
Freakout opponent: Brown (Won 4-2)
Gift: Megaphone

Road Trips

February 8-9, 1991: Men's Hockey @ Army & Princeton

Men's hockey overnight to Army (Won 7-4) and Princeton (Won 8-5). Army was so bad at the time that the team scored on them shorthanded 3 on 5 twice.

March 1-2, 1991: Men's Hockey @ Harvard (ECAC Quarterfinals)

Men's hockey overnight to Harvard for the ECAC quarterfinals. RPI lost the series, losing the first game 3-7 and tying the second game 3-3. After one of the games, Joe Juneau high-fived the band on his way to the bus.



The football team did not play any postseason games this year.


  • ECAC Tournament
    • Round 1 - Bye.
    • Quarterfinals @ Harvard - Lost in two games, 3-7 and 3-3.


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