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The 2002-03 officers

Conductor: Victoria Myers
Managers: Yuri Koester, Kevin Sullivan
Freakout opponent: Brown (Won 4-3 (again) in OT (again) - Winning Goal Scored with 7.1 seconds left in OT!!!)
Gift: Inflatable Hockey Sticks

Road Trips

  • Union football (Lost 32-14).
  • Carpooled to Army (Won 3-0). We were inspected by armed guards at the gate. Stayed overnight at the nearby home of Matt Zuckerman (one of the trombone players).
  • Union hockey (Tie 3-3) (the oranges return).
  • Overnight to Cornell (Lost 0-5) and Colgate (Lost 3-4). We stayed overnight in Ithaca. During the day on Saturday, some members of the band returned to Cornell's campus to watch part of an indoor track meet in which the RPI track team was participating. After watching the track meet, the band went to the Triphammer Mall in Ithaca to eat/kill time before heading to Hamilton for the game. At the Colgate game, the band combined with the Colgate pep band during the second period break and also swapped music with them (trading copies of Monty Python in exchange for Magnum P.I.).



  • ECAC Northeast Championship Game @ Worcester State: Demolished them 55-29! Damn was it cold!


  • ECAC Playoffs - Round 1: @ Union: Won in 2 games: 2-1, 3-2 (you can't spell SUCKS without UC!). Won the second game on two short handed goals (on the same penalty) by Ben Barr.
  • ECAC Playoffs - Round 2: @ Cornell: Lost in 2 games against the 800 pound gorilla: 2-3, 0-4. Due to a lack of available hotels in and around Ithaca, the band had to stay in Syracuse and take a bus about an hour each way to the games.


  • Played for the American Heart Walk on September 28, 2002.
  • Hosted BOTH the Cornell and Colgate bands in Troy on the SAME night! While it made for a tense socializer, we got by with only one visit from Public Saftey (someone hit the red button).
  • Finally got the Cheerleaders to realize that our football team is the Engineers - not the Redhawks....They even changed their cheers!!

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