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I'm Chris Behrens, PHYS '08. I played alto sax in the band for 5 years and managed the band during the 2006-2007 season. I also finished the Mike Brown sweep in my last year in the band.

AIM: CnoTe946

To Do



  • Blue Orchid (.sib .mid) - The guitar riff from "Blue Orchid" by The White Stripes.
  • Jump On It (Edited Version) (.sib .mid) - Now in the key of B flat. I think it sounds a lot better and is easier to play than my original version, and hopefully gives the drums a better idea of what I'd like them to be doing during this cheer.
  • Let's Go Red (.sib .mid) - As good of a transcription of one of UConn's cheers as I could get by ear. Basically another version of BU, and the title is open for change (just the best I could think of at the time).
  • The Office (.sib .mid) - Theme from The Office (US).
  • The Price Is Right Losing Horn (.sib) - Pretty self-explanatory, arranged by myself and Will Schmarder.


  • Round Up - nearly finished, based on this song famous from NFL films and Campbell's soup commercials.


  • Fill out history pages for the last six years while I still remember what happened.
  • Standardize the rest of the history pages.

Favorite songs

Least favorite songs

Songs I'd like to read

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