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The 2016-2017 officers: Dominique, Susan, Jackie (left to right)

Conductor: Jackie Scanlon
Managers: Dominique Roubé, Susan Zollinger
Freakout opponent: Quinnipiac
Gift: RPI Winter Hat

Road Trips

October 29, 2016: Men's Hockey @ Union

Day trip to Union (Lost 2-3).

December 2-3, 2016: Men's Hockey @ Quinnipiac & Princeton

Overnight trip to Quinnipiac (Lost 1-4) and Princeton (Lost 5-6 OT). At Quinnipiac people dressed as teletubbies and threw chicken nuggets at the clarinet section during the few songs we actually got to play. We almost won at Princeton, but then Jared Wilson got a penalty in OT.

January 13-14, 2017: Women's Hockey @ Harvard & Dartmouth

Overnight trip to Harvard (Won 3-1) and Dartmouth (Lost 1-2 OT). This was the last regular season road trip and as such Jackie's line was added to the Toll Booth Song on the way back from Dartmouth.

January 19, 2017: Men's Hockey Mayor's Cup @ Times Union Center

Day trip to Times Union Center. The Men's team lost in overtime to Union with a score of 2-3.

March 3-4, 2017: Men's Hockey Round 1 Playoffs @ Clarkson

Overnight trip to Clarkson for Round 1 of Men's Hockey Playoffs (Lost 3-7 and Lost 2-4). Lots of board games were played and the cold was braved. The Clarkson Pep Band also gave us free sandwiches at the end of the second game and asked us if we could never play Sweet Caroline in their rink again (for reasons).

Regular Season


Men's Hockey

Women's Hockey



The Football team played no post-season games this year.

Men's Hockey

  • ECAC First Round vs. Clarkson
    • Game 1: Lost (3-7)
    • Game 2: Lost (2-4)

Women's Hockey

  • ECAC First Round vs. Clarkson
    • Game 1: Lost (1-4)
    • Game 2: Lost (2-5)


  • The songs 491 - Uma Thurman, 492 - Shut Up and Dance, and 493 - Centuries were purchased by Jackie Scanlon.
  • Played at Welcome Fest at the Approach.
  • Held eleventh annual 100% Natural Noise NRB Event.
  • Played at Hockey Line and the Season Ticket Pickup Party.
  • Did not perform in the Uncle Sam Day Parade as the traditional event was cancelled this year by the City of Troy.
  • Played at the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon.
  • Played for Accepted Students Day in April.
  • Performed at RPI's annual Relay for Life and fielded a team for the event in April.
  • The managers decided to continue the tradition of a Pep Band formal. The event was catered by the managers from Dinosaur BBQ. The event was held in Mother's. Awards for band members were given out during the formal.

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