The Hair

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The Hair

The Hair is a red wig which has been passed along amongst members of the sax section since 1987. It is currently held by David Raab. A new wig was purchased after Jessica DiFazio lost the wig at The Time Union Center on January 26, 2012.

Keepers of The Hair

2017-2018: Mike Savini
2016-2017: David Raab
2016-2016: Rachel Ratte*
2015-2016: Noam Eshed
2014-2015: Emilie Mausser
2013-2014: Greg Herman
2012-2013: Jessica DiFazio
2011-2012: Matthew Jacobson
2010-2011: Edesse Lamb
2009-2010: Joe Mancuso
2008-2009: Glenn Duffy
2007-2008: Kevin Schildhorn
2006-2007: Chris Behrens
2005-2006: AJ Macey
????-2005: Jason Timlin
????-????: Erika Zamek
????-????: Kevin O'Brien
????-????: Eric Lynn
????-????: Rob Zellar
????-????: Jeff Lunn
1987-????: Joe "Pappy" Papini (the original)