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The 2012-2013 officers

Conductor: Tony Cao
Managers: Michael Watterson, Pat Connors
Freakout opponent: Dartmouth
Gift: Beanie

Road Trips

October 26-27, 2012: Women's Hockey @ North Country

Overnight trip to St. Lawrence (Lost 2-3) and Clarkson(Lost 2-6). The bus got pulled over during the trip, when the bus driver tried to change lanes too quickly.

November 3,2012: Men's Hockey @ Union

Day trip to Union (Lost 3-7).

November 9-10, 2012: Men's Hockey @ Harvard & Dartmouth

Men's hockey overnight to Dartmouth (Lost 0-4) and Harvard (Lost 0-4). The bus broke down at Harvard (it was leaking brake fluid) and the pep band had to wait at Harvard for a replacement bus.

January 26, 2013: Men's Hockey Mayor's Cup

Men's hockey day trip to Times Union Center vs. Union (Lost 2-3).

Regular Season


Men's Hockey

Women's Hockey



The Football team played no post-season games this year.

Men's Hockey

  • ECAC Tournament
    • First Round: BYE
    • Quarterfinals vs. Brown: Lost in three games (1-3, 6-2, 2-3)

Women's Hockey

  • ECAC Tournament
    • Quarterfinals at Clarkson: Lost in two games (2-3 (OT), 2-5)


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